St Albans Stampede 2020


The event is organised by St. Albans Striders

Saturday 5th September 2020: 9am - 9pm

The St Albans Stampede is an ultra marathon running event, organised by the St Albans Striders running club, held in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, covering parts of Heartwood Forest and Nomansland Common.

The challenge is to cover the most amount of distance (in miles) over a designated time period of 12hrs – this can be undertaken solo, as a pair or as a team relay (up to 4, and up to 8 person options).

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Race numbers will not be posted out in advance of the race

Race numbers can be collected from 7.30am from HQ on the day of the race 

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Event Name

St Albans Stampede

Event Distance

4 mile loop, however this is a 12hr duration event and total distance covered vs. time is the main measure.


A 4 mile loop (see course map for reference) on slightly undulating territory


Yes; Solo's, Pairs, Teams of 4 - 8


Water station located at the start and finish point of the 4 mile loop








St. Albans Striders



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Finishers Medal & Selection of Prizes for Category winners

Category winners will be awarded on distance covered only. In other words, you don’t have to run the full 12hrs to have successfully completed the challenge. The 12hr duration is simply the maximum allowable time. All entrants, even those that run for 1-2hrs, will have successfully participated in the event and be awarded a medal for their efforts. And if participants from the 100 Marathon Club want to stop at marathon distance to record a successful completion, this is very much acceptable.

The presentation of winners’ prizes will take place at the Race HQ at 9.30pm on Saturday August 31st, 2019. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, male and female, for the solo event. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the finishers of the double and the 4 person relays, and 1st prize only for the 8 person relay team.

There will also be a “Fastest Overall Lap” individual prize for each male and female competitor. This can come from any of the category options.

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The course is held in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, covering parts of Heartwood Forest and Nomansland Common. The challenge is to cover the most amount of distance (in miles) over a designated time period of 12hrs. The loop is accurately measured at 4 miles.

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I understand that the event has a 12 hour time limit after which the organisers cannot guarantee there will be marshals and time keepers.

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LOCATION: Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire

Location: Heartwood Forest, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire , AL4 9DQ